Tugas Bahasa Inggris Bisnis 2

Nama : Indah Febrina

NPM : 23210493

Kelas : 3EB17

Assignment 3

1. Nathalie portman is a beautiful actress. In Black Swan movie, she acts beautifully. To beautify the movement as a ballerina, she always practice diligently. She knows beauty movement is everything.

2. My mom is a good mother. She always give the best for me. She always teach a goodness to me. And my mom is very well.

3. My brother droves car is very fast. So I fasten my seat-belt. he droves with highly fastness.

4. The waiter is very responsible and quick. He always serves the customer very quickly.  That is why the manager impressed with his quickness and responsible

5. My mother sharpened a kitchen knife, but his finger slice sharply. I screamed because is very sharp knife, and my mother said “Be careful with the sharpness“.


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