Bahasa Inggris Bisnis 2

Nama  : Indah Febrina

NPM    : 23210493

Kelas   : 3EB17


Assignment 5


The History of Daendels Roads

Herman Willem Daendels was a pioneering infrastructure incredible impact on economic progress in Java, which is making Grote Postweg (Post Road) or popularly known as Road Daendels. Length of the road on the north side of Anyer on Java’s west end to Panarukan in the East end, with a total length reaches 1000km, the longest in the world at that time. Daendels built roads that cut along the island of Java is primarily for the purpose of strategy and military purposes: mobilization of troops quickly.

And to perform the task, he tried to build a Road between Anyer to Panarukan. According to some historical sources, this path through the lines to the Carita coast of Batavia, Caringin, penetrating Mount Pulosari, Jiput, Menes, Pandeglang, Lebak until Jasinga (Bogor).

Taken Form :

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