Bahasa Inggris Bisnis 2

Nama   :  Indah Febrina

NPM     :  23210493

Kelas    : 3EB17

Assignment 6

The History of Catfish statue into The Clock In Bekasi

Many cities that have characteristic sculptures of various shapes, some shaped monument, living things, or the art of carving. Like the other towns, example jogja with monument of jogja, surabaya with crocodiles and sharks statue, and others. In Bekasi, there is a statue of a famous is statue of catfish. Statue of Catfish used to be in the middle of the city of Bekasi. Existence so bookmark favorite way of being in the middle of the road and a big statue. Statue of Ctfish is between Railway Station, the largest mosque in Bekasi, Regional General Hospital and also Bekasi Police Department.

Actually statue of Catfish shaped catfish and fruit lute, but better known as the Statue of catfish. The statue was built in regent term of office Moch. Djamhari around 1995 and will become the city’s trademark Bekasi. Be Sculpture catfish and fruit lute pieces decorate the city for seven years.

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